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Portable churches face an entirely different set of challenges from churches who have their own building; Challenges like volunteer teams for setup and tear down, changes in venue availability and, of course, working within the functionality of someone else’s property.

Whether you’re launching a church or simply between buildings There’s a lot to think about when you’re portable, so to make things easier, here’s one less thing to think about: “What do we need for signage?”

Outside “Hey, we’re here!” signs

Your visitors are pulling up to a movie theatre, school or community center, not a “typical” church building, so give them the confidence that they’ve found what they’re looking for.

Be sure to choose signage that is intended for outdoors and stands taller than the cars passing by or already parked in front of the building. Flag banners serve this purpose well because they are tall (starting at 9 feet), flap in the wind to draw attention and are easy to set up, tear down and store.

“Use this door” signage

Ever walked to the side door of a restaurant and pulled it to find out it’s locked. It’s a weird kind of feeling that instantly causes confusion, and it could have been simply solved with better signage to show the front door.

If possible, direct all of your guests to a single “Front door” location so you can focus your guest services team in a single spot to make the best first impression.

Signage doesn’t take the place of a parking lot attendant and a door greeter, but helps direct traffic when those team members are busy, or if someone is shy and would prefer not to ask.

“Which Way Do I Go?” signage (or wayfinding signage)

Treat this signage to benefit first-time guests. They are typically looking for 3 things: Kids classes, auditorium and restrooms. Be sure all 3 are included and that the sign can be easily read from someone taking 1 step inside the front door.

At each turn in the hallway, have a new wayfinding sign that points for more directions, so it someone walks in your front door and goes left for Kids classes and right for auditorium, then once they turn left, they need to be able to see another sign that shows them the next step (maybe check in, or different kids age group locations).

On their way back from the classrooms, there needs to be really obvious signage pointing them back in the direction of the auditorium.

Every time a guest turns a corner, it needs to be clear where to go for their next step.

Our design team is ready to help you with your signage for your portable church! We customize every design to match your color and logo styles, and you’ll get proofs before we print any design.

Once the design is printed (usually the next day) we’l ship it out to you for free, so you can have it in hand and ready to impact your community. 

Click here to view the full online catalog and get started with our design team!

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