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5-ways-to-use-banners-for-outreachWe love hearing from you, our current customers and future customers. We love serving your church and your community through your printed banners and training to help you make the most of your guests’ first impression (like our free Ebook here)

We also love seeing the pictures that you send us of your banners on-site at your church, and we also love when you ask questions.

Here are some of the questions that we love to hear from you, because it means you’re thinking outside the box in creative ways to communicate to your church and reach you community.

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What does “Free Customization” mean?

Free Design Customization means you can choose any design in our catalog and customize it perfectly to your needs. Our team is happy to build something from scratch, but by modifying a design in our catalog, we have a solid starting place for your design.

Customize the font, words, layout, add your church’s logo, remove a detail or change the background color, and any combination. Our team will often send your modified design the next business day (sooner if we can), send it to print the day after approval, and get it on it’s way to you the day after that – FOR FREE!


What qualifies for free shipping?

Free shipping is available to any destination on the continental US, Alaska, and Canada on orders over $70. Orders shipped by the end of day Tuesday will usually arrive by Friday so you have them to display for the weekend!

If you choose a design on a Monday out of our online catalog and no modifications are needed, there’s a very good chance you’ll have your banner by the weekend.


Do coupon codes include Free Design & Shipping?

Yes! Every order qualifies from free design, and any order over $70 (after your coupon code) qualifies for free shipping, even if you use a coupon code!


Which banners are best for outside?

Flag banners, vinyl banners, light pole banners, handhelds, yard signs and sandwich boards are best for outside. (see our Outside Banner Collection)

One of the biggest confusions for outside banners are the D2 Roll Up Banners. These roll up banners look great and are flexible and portable, but not great for outside. Because of the design, the roll up banners act like a sail, so they don’t usually stay where they’re placed, and also cause a hazard for people standing or walking nearby.



Can I place a flag banner inside?

stake-or-base-flagYes! The primary difference between using a flag banner outside vs inside is the stand.

The best outside stand for a flag banner is a stake, which can be pushed into a flower bed or grass to hold the flag banner in place.

For indoors (or outdoor on a flat surface, like a sidewalk), you’ll usually need to have a base attachment.

If our team sees that this is the first time you’re placing an order for a flag banner, they’ll be sure to get all of the necessary details to help you determine if a stake or base it best for you application.


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