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giphyIf your church is like most churches, Easter is one of the biggest (read: highest attended) weekends of the year, so it’s also one of the biggest opportunities to make an incredible first impression people in your community who will be attending.

Consider the level of trust that’s required for your current members to invite their family and friends to your service – they have to really trust that your church is going to make a big impact and help those people who were invited to meet Jesus.

First impressions don’t just start in your building at service time; first impressions start in the parking lot when someone is pulling up to your building, or as someone is approaching your building getting off of the subway or bus.

Imagine someone pulling up to your church on Easter morning and seeing a 13-foot light pole banner in your parking lot. There’s bright color, movement and a “wow” factor that happens, but religious banners are just a tool, and we’ve seen some incredibly effective approaches for how they’re used. We want to share 7 of those with you so you can decide which approach is best for your community this Easter.

7 Easter Flag Banner Ideas for your church

1: The “WOW” factor of Quantity

single-and-double-sided-feather-flagFabric church banners and vinyl banners come with the option of 1-sided or 2-sided prints. (A more detailed explanation about the differences is here.)

While double-sided flags are opaque in their print, allowing them to have more vivid colors, the single-sided end up being more transparent, but more economical in quantity, so if you’re going for a “Wow” factor, multiple single-sided banners will allow you the highest quantity for your budget.


2: Flag Banners that show off your Easter Theme

If you’re using a design theme this year, then have your outdoor church banners, indoor church signs, church wall banners, and church stage design match that style and theme. This creates a unified experience from the church banners and flags in the parking lot to the church backdrops to the church wall art. Interior church signs are just as important as the outside banners. Another idea is to have the powerpoint graphics onscreen to match as well. 

Easter banners are best used with a simple design. Don’t overload them with information, since they are meant to attract attention from a distance, and will be moving in even the slightest breeze. Also, stay away from really fancy fonts that can’t be read at a glance. Our design team will customize anything in our catalog for you for free, so you can choose the best design to match your theme.


3: Flag Banners help guests find their way.

fb-page-teardrop-img-copyIf you have a separate entrance for your kids-wing or multiple entrances to your building or portable rental location, use flag banners to grab attention and help guests find the correct entrance.

If you have multiple entrances and your team is smaller, then funnel all of your guests to a single main entrance in order to give them an incredible first-time experience in one location rather than spreading your team thin across multiple entrances.

You may choose to use some flags that say “Entrance ” and others that say “Welcome” so a guest knows which way to go and when they’ve arrived.

Sandwich boards are an easy alternative to point guests to the correct entrance with flag banners to welcome them when they’ve arrived.

Flags come with either a spike base (for poking into grass, mulch or a flower pot) or a base to stand up on cement.  Let us know where you’ll be putting the flag when you order so we can help you choose the right type of base.


4. Flags that say “Welcome”

featherEaster is an exciting time when many guests will visit, but you may want to have flags available for use after Easter also, so instead of flags that are specifically focussed around Easter, you may choose a design that says “Welcome” to be used on Easter, but also moving forward.

Easter is a great launch weekend to have the flags. They’re sure to make your parking lot stand out to your current members and guests for the weekend, and they are easily removed from the stakes and stored to draw attention to your Sunday mornings or mid-week services.


5: Alternate Flag Banner Designs

b-page-rectangularThe first day your flags go out, they will definitely draw attention, but like anything else, people will start to tune them out, and they will become part of the scenery rather than an attention grabber. To get around this, have a variety of flags available for use: alternate the name of your church with “Welcome” while maintaining the same design style. This is enough variation to keep people reading when they arrive.

Alternatively, have a set of church banners for your midweek service that is similar in style, but a variation – may be a white flag with your navy logo is what you use on Sundays. For midweek, have a navy flag with a white logo, or switch from a feather shaped flag to a rectangle flag from weekend to weekend. Flag banners are simple to store and display.

If you have an evening service for Youth through the week, have a set of flag banners for them to display – not only to attract unique attention for their service but also to break up the consistency of displaying the same flags on your property.

6: Highlight your downtown location

38649365_1858947077506447_8209092360030650368_nBig parking lots and exclusive locations aren’t every church’s situation. Your church may meet in a movie theatre, or office building tucked between two high-rises in a downtown area where most people walk to take public transit.

Creating an incredible first impression is really hard when your guest started their morning off frustrated that they couldn’t find parking. A smiling face that says “Welcome to church” is probably not enough to completely erase the parking situation.

Help your guests find parking and entrances easily with flag banner bases that are meant to site on top of concrete (Let our design team know where your flag will be placed and we’ll be sure you receive the correct stand.

Specifically, in a shared or close-proximity area, use double-sided flags to create a bright and clear message with all of the other visuals asking for attention in an urban area.


7. Use Flag Banners Inside

flag-bannersWhile we’re used to seeing flag banners in parking lots, outside of car dealerships and for open houses, it’s a bit out of place to see them inside, which is exactly how they grab attention.

“This looks out of place” actually works in your favor.

Highlight your cafe, your guest services kiosk or for way-finding toward your kids area with a flag banner, and even in a crowd, your guests will be able to find their way around your church on their first visit.

Instead of just using them for functional purposes, add a splash of color and re-enforce your Easter theme with Christian banners as decor.

All of our holiday flags, one-day banners, Easter banners for church, Easter garden flags, spiritual banners, worship banners and all other church banners for sale are available for custom design and ordering here where you can upload your custom Christian Easter banner designs.

We know you’re going to make an incredible impact on your community this Easter, and we’re honored to help with our banner printing service. So next time you think to yourself “where is there fast banner printing near me?”, we hope you keep us in mind!


Which of these 7 Easter Flag Banner Ideas will you implement at your church this year?



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