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8 Tips on How to Greet Your Guests!

by | May 9, 2018

Your welcome team and church greeters are the very first impression your visitors will ever get. Creating a welcoming and hospitable climate in your church begins at the parking lot and continues into the heart of the congregation. Here at, we want to make sure that you and your team are fully equipped with the knowledge to create a welcoming environment for your guests. Here are 8 tips on greeting and welcoming your visitors!


1. Show what you look like on your website:

Most people like knowing where they’re going, especially if it’s their first time. Be sure to have a website that reflects what your church looks like. Have a ‘plan your visit’ section or ‘first time visitor?’ page. This will help people know what to expect when coming to your church.

2. Bring in your staff and most faithful volunteers in as greeters: 

Who better else to greet your visitors than the church staff? Your staff and core leaders are what make up the culture of your church. They know what’s going on and can help by not only welcoming your guest, but they can connect with them and help them get them involved. Also, having someone on staff welcome a guest can really make a positive long lasting impression.


3. Signage!: From feathers, parking lot signs to hand held signs, these very things can help make your guest feel confident that they are in the right place. Having your greeters hold signs that say “You belong here” or “welcome to the family” can be a fun and encouraging sight. Not only will this affirm that they are heading into the right place, but it will also put a smile on their face. Signs are a great way to direct and engage with your visitors.

4. Be intentional with where your greeters are stationed:

If your church is large, start in the parking lot. Make sure your church has adequate guest parking and that it is clearly marked. Placing volunteers in the parking lot to greet and direct first time visitors can make for a comforting experience for your guests. More practical areas for churches of all sizes are out by the doors, inside the lobby and in the sanctuary. Make sure you have greeters in the areas where people go to most.


5. Greeters should be the best version of themselves:

In other words, be presentable, make sure you smell nice and don’t be reserved or overly friendly. Just be natural and let your personal warmth shine through.


6. Go above and beyond just saying “Hello” or “Welcome”:

It’s one thing to greet your guest, but it’s more impressionable when you go beyond just saying hello. If you see someone who is struggling with carrying items, offer to assist them. If it’s raining outside, have an umbrella in hand and offer to walk with them. If you see a family with children, offer assistance in guiding them to the kids check in area. Don’t just point, guide and walk with them. This will leave such a long lasting impression to your guests and they will greatly appreciate it the hospitality.

7. Stay greeting even after the service has started:

When service starts, have a few greeters stay in their areas for an extra 10-15 min to greet those who arrive late. It can be hard enough trying to arrive early and at times guest can feel bad, but when you’re there even when they’re late, it shows that you’re happy that they made it to church that morning.

8. Train up your greeters to be the most welcoming greeters they can be: 

Most church greeters have had no training, and it is often painfully obvious. The simple process of training makes a dramatic difference. Not everyone will know some common rules to greeting such as opening doors for people or to focus on families with children. Having a trained team can guarantee your guest to be welcomed to it’s best potential.

These are just 8 simple tips that can help you create a welcoming atmosphere in your church. Come back next week as we expand on how to keep your guest feeling loved and at home when coming to church.


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