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Budget Friendly Church Lobby Decor Ideas

by | May 9, 2018

Save time and money and still look sharp!

If you are like me, you want your visitors to feel welcomed when they come into your church. After making a great impression in your parking lot with directional way-finding signs, banners, or feathers (if you’re still looking for solutions to make a great first impression from outside, let us know!), your visitors’ next stop is most likely your Welcome Center or lobby. Today, we’re bringing you some quick, easy and inexpensive ideas that can help you put together charming decorations for your church’s lobby!



How we got this look.

Putting together this lovely combination took me about a day’s worth of looking for the decorations, and less than a $100 spent! Most churches will usually always have some type of furniture that sits in their lobby area that they are currently using. In our case, this is an old buffet that we happened to have found for $60 at a local furniture store. It’s important to keep it very simple and not busy, but at the same time, have enough volume in your decorations to make it stand out. What I did to add volume was place fall leaves around the buffet, which can be found at a local hobby shop or arts supply store for under $5 per bag. In addition to the leaves, subtle decorations that you can find laying around such as vases, pumpkins, or anything small can be added to compliment your look.



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