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Church-BackdropsBackdrops for churches come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, styles, and materials but one thing is true about all of them: They’re hard to miss.

While there are many ways to use a church backdrop, we’ve compiled a list of the 3 most effective ways to use backdrops, both to make an impact for people in your church, and your community.


1) Photo Booth Backdrop:

Setup a photo booth location in your entrance or auditorium where people can take pictures (and of course, they’ll share them on Social Media creating an instant word-of-mouth experience for their facebook, twitter and instagram friends. )

Photo booths are great for special occasions, like Easter, Mothers Day or Christmas because people are typically more dressed up, and often have visitors with them that they might want to include in a picture.

Make the backdrop design at your church include the name of the event, and decorate around the backdrop with flowers, or a bench to sit at, or a high-back chair.

If you have the space, setup a sign that says “Post the picture and tag our church” or have stanchions setup so that people can form a line leading up to the photo booth backdrop.


2) Information Location

If someone is a guest at your church, make it really obvious where they can find more information with a backdrop. Have a few people standing in front of the backdrop with information about your church, how to get connected and have them wear a name tag or T-shirt so that the guest knows that they are representing your church.

During your service, reference the backdrop: “If you’d like more information about getting connected at our small groups, stop by the big blue guest information center in the foyer.”

backdrop-bannersAlternatively, you can use a backdrop or set of backdrops to show a sign up for a specific event or department in your church, or have it displayed when you have a guest speaker’s book table.

Anytime you can make it clear on how someone can make their next step, whether stopping by the Information desk, signing up for Music Ministry or supporting a missionary, a backdrop at your church is a “can’t miss” indicator.


3) Stage Backdrop


Emphasize your current series, a special message or a missions focus by changing the look of your stage, or the portion of the stage that is behind your Pastor while speaking.

If you broadcast your church services online, position the backdrop so it fills as much of the camera shot as possible, or choose to move it further back so you can see the entire backdrop from any camera angle.

If you’re not in a series, or don’t want to change the backdrop frequently, then have your church logo, or the Great Commission, or your core values emphasized in the design.


Church Backdrops have many varieties, but always make a big impact, whether for a photo booth, an information location or a stage backdrop!

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