Church Planting

We know and understand that planting a church can be difficult. There are a lot of unknowns about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to effectively make a great first impression.

9 Simple Portable Church Ideas to make your space feel unique

Portable churches are a relatively new concept. Consider hundreds of years ago, the church's steeple topped the tallest building in small-town America. Having church in a school or theater was extremely rare, and maybe non-existent. Not only was the church one of the...

Signage: Obvious is never too obvious

There's a level of obviousness that is comforting to a new guest at your church. When you have obvious signage that's clearly only intended for guests, then you give a clear indication that you've been expecting guests. If a family is visiting your church for the...

Kids Check-In Must Haves

Families and children are super important which is why your Kids Check-In area should have these things! Hand Held Signs  Having a volunteer hold a sign that is associated to your kids ministry is great because that person can direct families where the kids check-in...

8 Tips on How to Greet Your Guests!

Your welcome team and church greeters are the very first impression your visitors will ever get. Creating a welcoming and hospitable climate in your church begins at the parking lot and continues into the heart of the congregation. Here at, we want...

New Hard Case Podium with Custom Graphics

Hi there! I hope you’re having a great start to your summer! With all of the great events going on in your church, we wanted to show you a new product that's great for a portable check-in solution. Say hello to your new Hard Case Podium with custom graphics. Use your...

Feather Flags: Creating a Great Experience from the Outside

The easiest way to get your visitors attention If you’re still looking for a way to get people to know that your church is open and ready to welcome guests with open arms, then look no longer. One of the easiest ways to grab their attention is by displaying a feather...

We love making custom banners for churches!

Well, it’s been fun launching out on the new site. We hope you’ve found it easy to check out many of our new banners with our search function and the new sort features. Yes, we’re a little behind on the times and just got that added!

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