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Church Stage designs make a first impression for your guests as they walk in and can visually incorporate your church’s tag line, or theme, or sermon series topic into the actual message. While many stage designs are accomplished with projector screens and lights and black paint, it’s clear that this style it’s a fit for every church or auditorium space.

Since many of our churches have large windows, or colored stained glass, then high-end stage lighting actually won’t work on our stage spaces because the natural light will drown out the stage lighting, and often an all-black stage is not a fit for the rest of our decor.

Here are a few ideas on what you can create for your church stage design that creates excitement when someone walks in, and also gives you the flexibility to maintain your current stage space and church interior design as needed.

All of these ideas can be accomplished with easy to assemble and disassemble banners giving your stage the most possible flexibility without permanently changing your design or architecture.


1. Create a theme that steps through your current sermon series.

easter-d2-pageAre you talking about the life of Jesus? Incorporate roll up banners that show the stages of his life. Each week, as the sermon refers to a new part of his life, add a new roll up banner to the stage (or with the simplicity of opening and setting on up, maybe that becomes part of the sermon – to reveal the next step in Jesus’ life.

This can be done with almost any Biblical character, or series or characters as they relate to the theme of a story.

Imagine 3 weeks leading up to Christmas, your stage design could include revealing the roles of Mary, Joseph and the Angel, then on Christmas eve, the final reveal is Jesus.


2. Create a backdrop to your sermon series

Rather than show the character or main elements of your story, create a backdrop that sets the scene for your message. Maybe it’s Jesus at the Sea of Galilee, or Daniel in the Lions’ Den, or Moses in Pharaoh’s court or Esther in the Palace.

Put your viewers into the scene and help them imagine what these were thinking, feeling and experiencing as your sermon helps them understand how that experience applies to their lives today.

Imagine being in Daniel’s shoes. This is what he saw and felt. God was with him and today, God is with you.


3. Create a visual that includes a core scripture

Maybe you’re not looking for a theatrical approach to changing your church’s stage design (with characters or a set), but you’d like something that acts as a reminder to the topic.

pma-tension-backdrop-bannerThis could be a mission theme, the title of your series, or the theme for the year that centers around your church’s focus for a certain season.

This 8×8 tension banners is easy to assemble, appears with bright, vivid colors and can be stored away for mid-week services of another theme or moved to the back for youth services and other functions.

Even with an 8×8 WOW factor, it’s still one of the most compact backdrop banners available since the banner itself is a stretchy material that compacts down into a small space, and can be printed with different designs on each side for additional flexibility.


Your new Church Stage Design Idea doesn’t need to be flashy lights and black paint.

It can be a vibrant colored banner (or set of banners) that reminds your members of your theme.


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