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When you choose the design of your Easter Banners for your church, you’re choosing more than colors or fonts or styles that appeal to you. You’re actually contributing to your guest’s first impression.

Their impression may be based on their past experience with churches, or maybe based on something they saw in a movie or heard from their co-worker, and while you can’t control what they imagine your church will be like before they arrive, you do have control over some visual cues (like your Easter Church Banners) to build their understanding of what your church is actually like.

Anything in our catalog can be modified for free by our design team to fit the look you’re going for, and while you’re choosing a design, here are some considerations to creating the first impression you’re actually hoping for.

2 Easter Church Banner Design Considerations:

1: Are we working in line with our current style, or thinking outside the box?

2x6-easter-headerThink of 1 or 2 words that describe the impression you’re wanting to make for your guests. Maybe “Welcoming” or “Inviting” or “Trendy” or “Time-Honored Tradition”.

Now consider your current design style. Walk through your front door like a guest will. Does your current style match that word? If so, then keep with your current style. If it doesn’t exactly match, then consider exploring options that may be 1 step outside of your box.

It’s important to only be 1 step outside of your box – this might be an adjustment in the font or an adjustment to the color scheme. Don’t go too many steps outside the box, or your design may feel out of place to your current members, and give a false impression for your guests.

Imagine seeing a used car lot and on the hill out front, the only thing you see is a shiny red convertible, just a few years old. Now, imagine that once you pull up and park in the lot, the rest of the lot is filled with minivans – some are in great condition with low mileage, but no other sport cars. When you ask the sales person, she says that the convertible actually belongs to the owner of the lot, and that lot only specializes in quality used minivans.

Not only would that lot be (unintentionally) misrepresenting themselves to someone who is looking for a sports car, they are also missing out on growing families who might be looking for a good-quality used minivan.

Before you go too far outside the box with your Easter Church Banners, be sure that they still represent your style as a church.


2: Are we wanting to make a “Wow” statement or compliment our current decor with banners this Easter?

easter-banner-design-2x6Whether your Easter Banners are going to decorate your stage to enhance your message or hang in the entrance way to add a splash of color will make a difference in the design you choose, and both the sizes and styles that will work for you.

If you’re going to have your banners displayed in your Sanctuary, or Auditorium, then have them reflect the theme of the Easter message – like hope in Christ or forgiveness for the criminals on the other crosses or God’s love that He sent His son.

If outside of your worship space is the best location for them, consider something like a broader Easter theme including a cross or a crown of thorns or communion.

The “Wow” factor vs. complimentary design is an important consideration, and one that can make or break the impact of your Easter Banners. Ask for input from other members of your team to hep determine which approach is best this year.

The location of your Easter Banners within your church can often help determine the design style required. Take a few pictures so our design team can make a recommendation with your space in mind!



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