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Easter-Design-2019One of the most challenging jobs you’ll do as a church is getting out of your own way. It’s not that you’re in the way or that your personal opinions don’t matter, but what really matters is what your design communicates to someone who you’re trying to reach.

Consider this:

Design for a youth event will look different than design for a Bible study at a care home.

Design for a marriage seminar will look different from design for visiting the Children’s wing at the hospital.

An invitation designed for a business breakfast will look different than an invitation designed to help your kids invite their friends from school to VBS.

How do I figure out what my audience likes?

A great way to gauge which designs your event’s audience will respond to is by asking them. Ask a group of kids which one of three designs they like best for VBS, or the same with youth for your next event.

While we have many designs in our catalog, remember that they are all customizable to suit your audience and what will attract them.

What about Easter designs where we have a broad audience?

In the case of Easter where you’re creating a design to attract all different people, poll a broad audience. Send out an email to 25% of your church across a variety of ages, locations within your city, family environments (Single, married, with/without kids, empty nesters) and get their thoughts on your Easter design. This isn’t to say that this is a vote necessarily, but have that group of respondents help inform your decision.

Start with checking out some of the Easter designs from our existing catalog. Choose 3 or 4 that may resonate with your church and community, then after you’ve spoken with your poll audience, we’d be happy to modify any design for free to get you exactly what you’re looking for to reach your community this Easter.


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