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Your responsibility as the Team Captain is to build a team that understands and executes based on your ‘Why’’; To make guests feel welcome and comfortable so they want to come back. (the wording may be adjusted for your church, but be clear on the ‘why’ of your first impressions team)

First Impressions Team Captain
Help your team understand why you have a first impressions team at your church and why their role on the team is important in contributing to the goals of the team.

Knowing that your team has a clear focus will help them to make decisions based on that focus and invite others to join the team with the clarity of what you’re working towards.

For the parking lot team, this could include checking for garbage or parking lot lights if you have an evening service, for the door holder, this could be checking the doors are unlocked and don’t squeak. For the hospitality team, this could mean arriving on time so the coffee is fresh and the cream and sugar are set out.

When you have your team meeting before service, take a moment and remind your team about the why. A great way to drive this home is to ask your team members if they can tell you the “why”. For the first team member to share it, have a small prize for them (something like a $5 coffee card or a chocolate bar can go a long way to helping your team understand the importance of understanding their way.)

While you’re observing and helping your team in action, find opportunites for those who are living out your ‘why.’ Take a moment to commend that team member (“Hey Paul. Great job helping that family feel welcome. They were smiling the whole way to their kids classroom.”) and bring it up as an example in your next team meeting of how welcome Paul made that family feel.

Remember, this is the core of your responsibility as the Team Captain. Your team is there to make guests feel welcome and comfortable so they want to come back.


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