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Floor vinyl stickers for social distancing are everywhere – at the grocery store, in line at the DMV, and at the gas station.

While the necessity of social distancing brought on the popularity of floor vinyl stickers, we’re not entirely disappointed. Besides the easy markers to stand 6 feet apart, social distancing floor stickers offer a pop of color where there probably wasn’t much.

Boring gray or neutral floors now have floor decals to bring color, messaging, direct traffic, and something to look at while waiting in line, and they can work really well for your church.

While we often think of church as being somewhere we just walk in and sit, in reality, foot traffic is all over your church building on any given weekend, and the need for floor stickers might be greater than you may consider it to be.

Where might your church need floor vinyl stickers for social distancing?

Consider your entrance area. Is there any congestion between your door and your auditorium? Do you need to help people distance outside on their way in, or from the front door to your auditorium?

Consider your restrooms. Do you have facilities for a single person, or are your facilities close enough that you only would like one person or family to enter at a time and people may be lined up?

Do you have a bookstore or merchandise area where providing the best customer service would look like having a limited number of people in that space at a time?

Consider the exits to your building. Is there a chance of congestion as people are leaving? Is there something for them to pick up on their way out the door and would floor stickers help to direct traffic?

Consider your information center. Will you be having registrations, sign-ups, or the option to purchase a copy of this weekend’s sermon? How many people can service your information center at once, and how many people can visit it? Would a floor decal help to direct the flow of traffic?


COVID ReOpen Floor Vinyl – Style 16 – Air Hugs

How durable are vinyl floor stickers?

Floor vinyl is meant for that exactly – to be applied on the floor. We use a high-quality durable vinyl for all of our social distancing floor decals, however, they do tend to wear out over time based on use. You may find that the floor stickers by the entrance and exit doors need to be replaced more often than the floor decals by the restrooms.

While the floor decals will stick to practically any floor surface (other than carpet), these floor surfaces will also play a factor in their wear and tear. Decals applied on a smooth tile will last longer than floor decals applied to rough surfaces.

All of our floor vinyl graphics are removable, but not reusable once they’ve been removed.

Check out all of our ready-to-ship floor sticker designs here!

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