Kids Check-In Must Haves

by | May 9, 2018

Families and children are super important which is why your Kids Check-In area should have these things!

Hand Held Signs 

Having a volunteer hold a sign that is associated to your kids ministry is great because that person can direct families where the kids check-in area is. This is a small, yet effective way to make families feel comfortable about where they’re going, especially if it’s their first visit.

D2 Retractable Banners 

Having a D2 retractable banner displaying “Kids Check-In” for a self-check in area is a great way to direct parents where to go to check-in their children.

Sintra Signs

These sings are great if you have multiple class rooms. You can put the name or the age group of the class so parents will know which class to drop off their kids after checking them in.


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