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non-permanent-signageHere’s some great news for you: You have lots of options for non-permanent signage, both indoor and outdoor!

There are a couple of situations where this is the case:

In the case of a portable church, each week, you’re walking into a rented space that someone else uses during the week. This might be a movie theatre, high school or a Sunday night or midweek service another church building.

In these cases, you simply can’t mount permanent signs outside the front door and in the hallways. Rest assured that this isn’t just a “portable church” concern.

There are many church buildings that need non-permanent signage solutions. This could be event-driven, like a backdrop for mother’s day or Christmas photos, or something for a season like temporary signage to redirect traffic during renovations or mid-week events. In many cases. the architecture of the building wasn’t designed to allow spaces for signage to hang or direct traffic.

Outdoors in permanent church facilities, this could be county zoning that won’t allow for permanent signage or a downtown church that needs every inch of available property for parking, so putting in a permanent sign that requires a large footprint doesn’t serve the church.

On our social media channels (Check out our Facebook page and Instagram) we see the most comments, likes and shares on signage that’s temporary and easy to store, so here are some great options that are quick to put up, make a big impact (please no more 8.5 x 11 pieces of paper with hand-written sharpie taped to the glass door…) and easy to store.

Without going into details about each of these pieces, we’ve created a gallery of our most popular products. Look through them, and click the link for any product you’d like more information about. ¬†Remember that we include free shipping and free customization on any design that you see to match your church’s logo and color pallet.

Non-permanent signage for indoors:


Non-Permanent signage for outdoors:

Flag Banners:


Outdoor Vinyl Banners:








Sandwich Boards:


Yard Signs:



Handheld Signs:


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