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We would all love a switch that we can turn ‘normal’ church back on like turning on a light. One weekend we had to meet online, and now with a flick of the switch, we’re able to meet in person, and things at church are just like they were in February.

Let’s be clear that this is now to be unrealistic expectation. We really were mentally only thinking this would last for a few weeks to months back in March. But here we are.

Things at church are not going to be the way they were in February. We are not going to have as many people, but don’t be discouraged – this doesn’t mean your church is failing.

Many churches have spent the past number of years building their churches identity on numbers. 

“We’re a growing church plant of 100”

“We’re a 3-year old church plant of 250”

“Our church is growing by 20% each year.”

“We’re an influential church of 1000 in our city.”

So what happens now when people want to watch church services online for concerns about their personal health? 

What happens when your local government limits the capacity of your church meeting in person to a fraction of your allowable seating? 

What happens when people decide that after being at home for months on end, they’re going to visit family for a week, take that weekend away to go camping, and watch online?

What happens is that your church continues to be an influence in your community both online and in-person, building your church on who you are, and not the numbers you’ve accumulated.

Instead of lamenting that you’re not where you were, continue being who you are…

Continue to offer regular online interactions, like prayer meetings, devotionals, daily scripture reading, service broadcasts, or worship songs. 

Continue to offer the best possible in-person experience through your first impressions team for both your regular members and your first-time guests. 

Continue to show up to clean up trash at the park, help out at the foodbank, deliver groceries to shut ins, visit the hospitals to pray for people, and be the unique expression that God has called your church to be in your community.

The numbers that matter are no longer the number of people who show up on a Sunday morning.

The numbers that matter are the numbers that have always mattered – How many people in your community can you introduce to Jesus and help them grow to be more like him?

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