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While most churches have adopted church online, not as many have adapted to church online. For many churches, broadcasting online has simply become connecting an available camera to Facebook or YouTube and sending out a link to church members.

While that was fine in a pinch (when we found out that within a few days, we were going to put in-person worship services on hold) it’s not a long-term sustainable strategy if you’re going to keep the interest of the people in your church and also gain the interest of people in your community.

While we’re not advocating for trying to make your church service entertaining, any form of communication – whether a tv commercial, a radio ad, a fictional novel, or your online church broadcast – needs to capture attention in order to complete and communicate its message.

If your church is ready to move beyond setting up a camera and pointing it at your stage, or doesn’t want to get into the complication and price of researching and building a church stage backdrop or new stage design, then a backdrop banner is the perfect way to make a large space feel more comfortable or make an unappealing space feel more inviting.

It’s important to realize that full church stage backdrops aren’t necessary. With the price of color printing backdrops for church stages, it’s usually a waste of resources since only a small portion of the backdrop actually appears on camera. We have many products that will serve a on-camera purpose much better than new stage design idea.


An Abstract Background Banner:

The most popular banner for church online is a full-color anstract backdrop because it’s versatile. An abstract backdrop banner design, with or without your church logo, can be used for many different applications, whether set up in a small space like someone’s basement, in the foyer of the church, or in a larger space like on the actual church stage.

These products will allow you to keep the same banner for many purposes, like creating videos for youth, recording your worship leader, an online Q&A broadcast, or having your Pastor preach his or her message. Because it’s an abstract design, it can be used for different topics and sermons series, and not limited to something like Easter or Christmas events.

While it is versatile, any banner design runs the risk of becoming redundant, so if you choose an abstract backdrop banner for your church online set, have 2 or 3 on hand that you can often switch to keep the viewer engaged week-to-week.


A Faux-Set Banner Background:

In the same way that we all know the set on late-night shows isn’t actually a New York skyline, having a backdrop banner for your church online broadcast can create the feel of a TV set, without the expense and costs of actually designing a set. It gives visual interest to space, and creates a certain feeling of connection, but has the benefit of not looking like an empty church stage.

Depending on the feel you’re going for, you may have a faux-set banner that feels like a living room and another that feels more like a TV set for a desk and an interview, one that feels like your at a coffee shop, and another that feels like a different part of a TV set, like standing in front of a curtain.


Theme-Specific Church Backdrops:

If your sermon this week is all about a biblical environment, then a backdrop to help viewers visualize that setting may be a helpful way to drive your point home – consider a picture of the sea of Galilee, or the inside of an ancient Roman courtyard, or Jerusalem on a hill. These can be produced easily on camera using a backdrop banner, where a full stage design is days of work and cost.

If you have a graphic or logo that you’ve designed for your current series, this makes a great theme-specific backdrop as your Pastor preaches through that series. It’s a constant visual reminder to your viewers about your topic and will help online church viewers retain what you’re saying in light of that theme.


What type of backdrop material is best for Church Online?

There are many types of backdrops that you can order online, but not all are great for filming and broadcasting. Some materials, like vinyl, are really durable, so they’re great for moving from one location to another or being out in the weather, but they also tend to reflect light, so if your stage has bright lights, or you’d like to use the banner in an outdoor setting, then a reflective material may not be a great fit.

For an inexpensive banner that you’ll regularly switch out, and filming with just room lights (not studio lights) and recorded on your phone, then a vinyl banner might be the best choice for the price.

Our team is happy to start a discussion with you about which material is best for your online church backdrop. Our company has helped with many online backdrops and stage backdrops for churches.  Give us a call any time 888.453.0060 or email us




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