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When we started designing our Bible series banners, we didn’t necessarily set out to design banners for the children’s ministry, but after we got started we could tell quickly that’s where we were heading. Our inspiration came from a few different places.

Daniel_Lions_DenThe first and best was through prayer and the Holy Spirit. We can’t tell you enough of how many times we feel led through Him on what we should be doing around here. It makes life easier when we stop to listen. (We don’t always stop to listen, but when we do we find it so much better!!)

Another part came from my children. I love the Storybook Bible and the pictures in it while I read to my children at night. I like the pictures, but wanted something more abstract and less detailed. I’m a huge fan of abstract art.

The other inspiration came from the beautiful stained glass found in cathedrals and sanctuaries around the world. I’ve always admired the time and effort that is put into the piece of art that you can sit and stare at for hours. So, with those inspirations the thought process on these Bible Story Banners was to create a simple design, with no words, that told the story with a powerful image.

Initially, we thought these banners would hang in the sanctuary and allowed people to be inspired while worshiping but quickly found ourselves designing in more childlike formats with the color tones we were using.

These designs will be great for your children areas and even for a sermon series if you’re doing a discussion on one of the stories. Once you’re done with the sermon series the banners can easily be placed in another area of your church to display.

We would love to hear your feedback to let us know if you’d like to see some other stories of the Bible added to the series. You have always been great at giving us wonderful advice and we’re always open to hearing your suggestions. It’s fun to design for you.

We hope you enjoy the new series and please send the designer who spent several weeks on it a shout out We think he’s done a great job. Above are pictures from his art book to the computer. He’s a pro at conceptualizing the ideas we have in our head on paper and letting me choose how we should put it together. Then he runs with the ideas.

It’s great to see it all play out and we hope you enjoy seeing a small part of our design operation! See our New Testament Stories catalog here, and our Old Testament Stories Catalog here!

– Kenten Waldrum

CEO, Church Banners

We have many story illustrations from both the Old and New Testament. Here are is a sample from our catalog. See the full catalog here.

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