Our churchbanner’s blog is here to provide resources on how to make a great impression and teach you how to communicate effectively with your next guest!

Our churchbanner’s blog is here to provide resources on how to make a great impression and teach you how to communicate effectively with your guests and future visitors

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The Biggest Temptation for Church-Planting Pastors

We've had the privilege of helping many church plants, and we've seen everything from a couple who is moving to a new city to start a church to a team of people moving to the next community to plant a new church campus. The reason gets to play a part...

Everything Communicates: What is your first impression saying?

What makes an impression when you meet someone for the first time? How you're dressed, what cologne or perfume you wear, whether there's something stuck in your teeth when you smile, your posture, how you shake hands, your eye contact, how close you stand, and...

Easter 2019 Design Inspiration

One of the most challenging jobs you'll do as a church is getting out of your own way. It's not that you're in the way or that your personal opinions don't matter, but what really matters is what your design communicates to someone who you're trying to...

Why do my volunteers keep quitting?

It's not always easy helping guide a volunteer army, and unfortunately, there is always some amount of turn over, but let's be clear that this isn't always just a volunteer issue; There are many organizations who have high staffing turn over as well. Whether you're a...

3 Essential Signs for Portable Churches

Portable churches face an entirely different set of challenges from churches who have their own building; Challenges like volunteer teams for setup and tear down, changes in venue availability and, of course, working within the functionality of someone else's...

3 FREE Christmas Gifts for your Guest Services Team

"Thanks for being an amazing team member, showing up early for service each week, and creating an incredible first impression for our guests." This sentiment isn't easy to sum up in a gift. A pen with a logo on it or a $5 gift card for coffee don't quite convey this...

Secret Shopping: The Key to Guest Services Success

We all have blind spots when it comes to our first impressions team. Too easily, we think we're addressing the needs of our guests, but often we can be missing something that's right under our nose, If you're not familiar with the concept, secret shopping is when a...

Turn your morning coffee into an investment

As much as we love to talk about the systems and structures that have to be in place to make an impact for your guests' first impression, those systems and structures only function if you've built a team -  a team made up of real-life people. I know, this could...

Why is Branding Important?

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When someone visits your church for the first time, what will be their first impression? Are they finding their way around your building without getting lost? Is your visual message clear and consistent throughout every banner/sign that is presented to them?

We can give your church the proper tools to reflect your church’s values from the parking lot to the sanctuary! A great first impression can greatly affect the connection that is made between you and your visitors. Let us help you create and unforgettable visual experience today!

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