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Our churchbanner’s blog is here to provide resources on how to make a great impression and teach you how to communicate effectively with your next guest!

Our churchbanner’s blog is here to provide resources on how to make a great impression and teach you how to communicate effectively with your guests and future visitors

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Marketing Post Shelter in Place

While your initial reaction to lifting some shelter in place restrictions may be that we can go back to “church as normal,” the reality we have found out is many things we consider ‘normal’ may be far off – Church BBQs, Potlucks, and even classrooms for some people,...

Don’t Treat Church Online as the “Isolation Option”

Don’t treat church online as the ‘isolation option’: While you may have permission to open your doors, you most likely have to meet at limited capacity. Let’s say your church auditorium is usually 75% full on a Sunday morning, and you’re only allowed to meet now at...

3 Simple Signage Mistakes Portable Churches Make

If you're part of a portable or pop-up church, we know you have some unique challenges. (If you're not, forward this email to someone you know that this could help!) We see 3 mistakes that portable churches make, and the good news is, there are simple to resolve!...

Use Church Photo Booth Banners as an Advertising tool

It's easy to understand how backdrop banners make a big impact for someone who visits your church, but can they also double up as an advertising tool? When people take pictures at your Fathers Day photo booth, where is the first place they're going to post them?...

3 VBS Banner and Signage Ideas

VBS (Vacation Bible School, or you summer event) is a great time to invite your community to bring their families for a low-key, casual visit to your church. Because these summers events often happen during the week, there are 3 steps you need to take to ensure your...

5 Questions we love to get asked!

We love hearing from you, our current customers and future customers. We love serving your church and your community through your printed banners and training to help you make the most of your guests' first impression (like our free Ebook here) We also love seeing the...

5 Ways To Use Banners For Your Next Outreach Event

Outreaches can range from car shows to trunk or treat, Easter egg hunts, fairs, community service at a local food bank, or Sunday night worship services in the park. In each of these cases, banners can serve to provide information or to grab attention.

This weekend: Get your first impressions team ready for Easter!

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the last weekend before Easter, and the last Sunday you'll be connecting with your first impressions team before the big weekend. There's a lot to think through, from decorations, to logistics, parking, and treating your guests like VIPs....

Why is Branding Important?

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When someone visits your church for the first time, what will be their first impression? Are they finding their way around your building without getting lost? Is your visual message clear and consistent throughout every banner/sign that is presented to them?

We can give your church the proper tools to reflect your church’s values from the parking lot to the sanctuary! A great first impression can greatly affect the connection that is made between you and your visitors. Let us help you create and unforgettable visual experience today!

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