Our churchbanner’s blog is here to provide resources on how to make a great impression and teach you how to communicate effectively with your next guest!

Our churchbanner’s blog is here to provide resources on how to make a great impression and teach you how to communicate effectively with your guests and future visitors

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My church can’t add permanent signage. What are my options?

Here's some great news for you: You have lots of options for non-permanent signage, both indoor and outdoor! There are a couple of situations where this is the case: In the case of a portable church, each week, you're walking into a rented space that someone else uses...

Visual Consistency: When to insist and when to resist

Visual consistency is a powerful tool because our brains are wired to recognize patterns. We recognize the McDonalds' "M" while driving down the highway, the Apple logo on the back of a MacBook from across the coffee shop, and the look of your favorite beverage label...

My Guest Services team has a new member! Now what?

It's exciting and also can be daunting when a new member joins your team. It's sometimes difficult to wrap your mind around where to start when there's so much going on! Here's how you unlock the doors, and don't forget to put out the feather flags, and we've got...

3 Directions Guests are Looking For Before Service Starts

Have you ever walked into a new theme park or shopping mall and caught yourself looking for the 'You Are Here' sign? We do this because we want to be confident in where we're going. When your guests come to visit your church, they are asking themselves "How do I get...

Your 2018 Holiday Promotion Calendar

The holidays are a busy time, and while most people think of Thanksgiving as the start of holidays, in Church world, we know we're planning ahead WAY before Thanksgiving, and we're not actually thinking of taking a real "holiday" until January. In light of that, we've...

9 Strategies for Communicating with your Volunteer Team

So you've built your guest services team at your church, recruited the perfect people for the 5 essential positions, (learn what those 5 positions are and how to fill them with our free ebook!) and the team momentum is moving steadily. Then it happens: There's...

3 Way We Can Motivate People To Serve on our First Impressions Team

Since releasing our free ebook, Huddle Up, we've gotten a few questions. This one is from Dwayne: Hey Kenten and Adam, How would you go about recruiting people or motivating people to serve in this capacity? I appreciate how the book said telling the "why" behind it....

9 Simple Portable Church Ideas to make your space feel unique

Portable churches are a relatively new concept. Consider hundreds of years ago, the church's steeple topped the tallest building in small-town America. Having church in a school or theater was extremely rare, and maybe non-existent. Not only was the church one of the...

21 Simple Ways to Make Your Church’s Guests Feel Welcome

I think you'll agree that when we're welcoming people to our church for the first time, sometimes we over-complicate things, but in a guest's mind, all questions boil down to this simplicity: Will I come back to this church? If someone is visiting your church for the...

Why is Branding Important?

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When someone visits your church for the first time, what will be their first impression? Are they finding their way around your building without getting lost? Is your visual message clear and consistent throughout every banner/sign that is presented to them?

We can give your church the proper tools to reflect your church’s values from the parking lot to the sanctuary! A great first impression can greatly affect the connection that is made between you and your visitors. Let us help you create and unforgettable visual experience today!

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