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Single-Sided vs Double-Side Flag Banners:

single-vs-double-flag-bannersWe love hearing your questions and helping you find the best solution for your signage needs, and we also recognize that a question from a few people probably means we’ll hear that question again.

This is one of those questions: What’s the difference between a single-side or double-side feather flag? Is one better?

Well, the answer to whether or not one is better than the other is all dependant on the application. Deciding your application will help you determine if a single side or double side will be best. When you’re ready to order, check out our design catalog here!

A single-side feather banner gets printed on one side of the material. Because the material is thin enough to blow in the wind and semi-transparent, the design and colors are also viewable from the other side. Note that because it is printed on one side, it is backward on the other side.

Single-sided is more economical than double-sided and is a practical application if someone only needs to read one side (for instance, feather banners lining your driveway so someone driving up your driveway would see the proper side. Leaving your church, they would see the reverse lettering.) Single Sided is great if you’re simply going for attention and with the cost being less than double, you can add an extra few banners into your order to make the most impact.

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single-and-double-sided-feather-flagDouble-sided feather banners are printed twice – once on each side with a film between the 2 pieces to block light from passing through, meaning you see the proper print on each side of the feather without seeing the design from the other side.

Your colors are brighter and more vivid on a double-sided print and your design is proper-facing from either direction.

Because they are comprised of 3 layers of material, they are also more durable and less likely to fray in windy or sandy climates.

The best application for double-sided is on your road front where drivers will be driving past either side of the banner, or for shining lights on them at night to attract attention for an evening service or evening Christmas concert. Because they are double sided, they reflect light and appear brighter when lit.


Flag Banner Shapes:

While you’re browsing our catalog, you’ll discover that feather flags come in 3 available shapes:



Feather Flag Banners


Rectangle Flag Banners


Teardrop Shape Banners


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