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As a Pastor or church leader, you may think that social distancing signs are an eyesore or a ‘necessary evil’ or simply one more thing to add to your to-do list as you’re getting your church ready to gather in person again, but signage, in any form, can be a way to communicate and reinforce your church’s values, personality, and culture, while assuring your members and church guests that their safety is a priority.

Social Distancing signage doesn’t have to be a boring placeholder in your church building. Black and white computer printouts are not the solution – those signs will give your building into a last-minute yard sale feel, but proper signage designed to fit the look and feel of your building, and your church’s personality will allow your message to resonate.

Need some ideas? We’re here to help you with church social distancing signs.

What is the personality of your church?

Is your church’s personality professional? Witty? Engaging? Over-The-Top? Welcoming?

Once you have determined where your church sits in all of the personality possibilities, then you can determine how your signage can help match that personality.

Will you use puns or play on words to get your point across about social distancing? Will you be direct, or subtle with your social distancing signs? Will you have your messaging be worded in a way that it focusses on church members, or focusses on people who are your guests? Will you talk about social distancing in specifics (like keeping a distance of 6 feet) or will distancing signs be more in line with asking each person about their social distancing preference?

Where will your Social Distancing Signs be placed?

Signs placed in the parking lot or front doors may reflect that people are still outside. Something like “Let’s help eachother stop the spread of COVID 19 today by wearing a face mask when you come in.”

Signs in your foyers might say “Wash your praise hands. Sing loud under your mask. Honor thy neighbor 6 feet apart.”

A sign in your volunteer lounge area might be worded completely differently. “Social distance to be an example of honor today,” or “If you’re feeling any symptoms, we’ve got you covered. Please head home and we’ll be praying for you! Contact us if there’s any way we can help.”

Signs as members leave your church building might say, “We’ll see you next week, unless you’re watching online. Then you’ll just see us!”

How Quickly Can We Ship Social Distancing Signs to Your Church?

You just found out you’ll be meeting again in-person.

Your church might gather in a limited capacity, or in unique ways you’ve never met before – but now you need social distancing signs right away, or at least signs that say you’re at a limited capacity, or that you won’t be having kids classes, or whatever else is necessary.

We have a library of pre-made social distancing signs, ready to ship right away. We can usually ship the next day on pre-made designs, and most of the continental US will receive their deliveries from us within 4 business days (and in many cases, sooner than that!)

If you have something custom in mind, our design team can help with social distancing signs and get your custom designed to you within 1 business day. On approval, we ship the following day so you can have your signs as quickly as possible.

Get started on your order today!

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