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Biggest-TemptationWe’ve had the privilege of helping many church plants, and we’ve seen everything from a couple who is moving to a new city to start a church to a team of people moving to the next community to plant a new church campus.

The reason gets to play a part is that often starting out, or within a few weeks of launch, these churches are using someone else’s facility – a high school, movie theatre, or meeting at an existing church when the schedule is available.

We help these churches by providing signage that lets visitors know they’ve found the right parking lot, used the right entrance area, found their way to the auditorium, restrooms, and kids classes.

Since we’ve often dealt with new churches, then we also get to help out the Pastors planting those churches, and we’ve seen this temptation coming up over and over again. Some learn quickly to overcome the temptation and some give in, so if you’re working towards planting a church, or you’ve freshly launched, here’s what we’ve seen:

The biggest temptation for church-planting Pastors: Doing it all themselves.

What has to be done when planting a church?

  • Get a website
  • Get on Social Media
  • Post on Social Media
  • Find a facility
  • Fundraise for church-planting costs
  • Do a community outreach to create awareness
  • Buy T-shirts for volunteers
  • Put together a music team
  • Recruit volunteers for kids classes
  • Find ushers
  • Train first impression teams
  • Cast vision
  • Plan Sermons / Offering messages
  • AND Choose and design temporary signage to meet the needs of your facility and so people can find you.

The temptation can be overcome by allowing others to make necessary decisions. Will they always make the exact decision you would make? Probably not, but now and then, they might actually make a better decision that you would have.


What could delegation look like?

handheld-outdoor-solutions-cat-buttonPaint a picture of what you’re creating for the team that you’re going to delegate decisions too. What kind of atmosphere are you creating? Who will likely be visiting your church based on where you’re advertising and the neighborhood you’re in? What are the most popular coffee shops or restaurants in the area doing? How are they decorated? How do they serve their customers? What makes them unique?

From there, you have a few choices for delegation:

  1. Delegate and be totally hands-off – Allow people the leeway they need to make final decisions.
  2. Delegate, but be the final decision maker. Allow others to do the research to you to discuss. Ask them what decision they would make and see how that lines up with the decision you would make.
  3. Do it all yourself.

We’ve worked with all 3 times of church plants. None is right or wrong, and sometimes the situation necessitates one or the other, but whichever leadership style you take with your church plant, we’re here to help.

Feather Flag banners for churchesHow your church plant signage process will work:

  1. Choose any design style from the online catalog at
  2. Our design team will take your logo and make any customizations you like to the original design for free. Need to change a font, color or background image? This is all included in our free design process.
  3. Review the design before it’s ordered. If you’re a delegating Pastor, this is a great point to have a check in with the person on your team who is working with us. They will be able to show you the designs and products they’ve chosen before approving the order.
  4. Approve the order. From here, we’ll ship for free and send you “How To” videos for tips and tricks on setting up your new signage and storing it away. Show these videos to someone who will take responsibility for getting the signage in place each week.
  5. Help people meet Jesus.


If you’re a church planting Pastor, how will you overcome the temptation to do it all yourself?




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