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Get-ready-for-EasterThis Sunday is Palm Sunday, the last weekend before Easter, and the last Sunday you’ll be connecting with your first impressions team before the big weekend.

There’s a lot to think through, from decorations, to logistics, parking, and treating your guests like VIPs. We’ve put together 3 things to help you organize your to-do list and minimize the chance of a last minute panic moment because something has been missed.

Remember, beyond anything else, Easter is about connecting people to Jesus. Take care of the details early so you can be sure that your focus is on people.

1: Make a list of facility items to be addressed

This could be anything from a drywall touchup to cleaning the welcome mats to windex the front windows to washing the parking lot signs so they’re readable to being sure the coffee station is fully stocked.

Divide these items into items that are someone else’s responsibility, and items that are your team’s responsibility. Email that list if someone else needs to be aware of items to be addressed.

Now take the list of items that are the responsibility of your team (let’s say that’s washing the parking lot signs and cleaning the front windows). Which of these items can you team take care of on Sunday morning before service, and which need to be addressed before? Maybe you’ll need to rent a power washer to wash the parking lot signs, but you have a volunteer who can windex the front windows before service.

The point of narrowing down the list is to make it bite-sized and realistic for you to actually accomplish what needs to be done. Your volunteers on Easter weekend may also be a little anxious and excited, so giving them a simple task like windexing the windows gives them something to occupy their attention.


2. Test out any portable signage


Roll up banners, stretch backgrounds and photo booth backdrops are great, because of the flexibility to pack them away and store them.

If you haven’t had your Easter banners out since last year, or they’ve just arrived in the mail from‘s head office, then you’ll want to be sure that all of the pieces are in place and everything functions as intended.

Don’t wait until Easter weekend to pull these out and set them up – even if that means taking them down again in the mean time.  It’s worth the effort!

(side note: If you find you are missing a piece, let us know. We can often ship out a replacement piece with a few days notice, or let you know what works as an alternative from the hardware store.)

Don’t just test your Easter signage, but also any way-finding signage, kids hallway signage and generally speaking, anything that can be taken down and needs to be built or assembled to display.


3. Set clear expectations and remind your team

Nobody wants to be in scramble mode on Easter weekend – especially scrambling to find a replacement team member, then have your scheduled team members actually show up 10 minutes later.

At your huddle this weekend, remind your team of:

  • Why next weekend is so important.
  • The impact that you have as a first-impressions team.
  • Your expectations for the team.

Here’s what it could look like:

“Next weekend is Easter, and we often see an increase in attendance on Easter weekend.

As the first impressions team, we get to set the stage for people to feel welcome and we’re going to be looking for ways to create a comfortable environment so they can meet Jesus.

Please be here 15 minutes earlier than usual, at 8:30am instead of 8:45am, so that we can be sure all of the details are in place to make an incredible first-impression for our guests.”


This weekend: Make a list of facility issues to be addressed, test your portable signage, and remind your team of their Easter expectations, then next weekend with all of the details taken care of, focus on people.

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