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It’s easy to understand how backdrop banners make a big impact for someone who visits your church, but can they also double up as an advertising tool?

When people take pictures at your Fathers Day photo booth, where is the first place they’re going to post them? Social Media! And while we know Word-Of-Mouth is the best form of advertising, Social Media is like word of mouth on steroids.

As people post pictures of their family on Social Media in front of your church’s backdrop, then their friends, neighbors and co-workers see that they are at (and by extension, endorse) your church, but there are a few ways to make that exposure stretch even further.

Here are some ideas to turn your Father’s Day backdrop (or Mothers Day, Easter or Christmas backdrops) into an advertising tool to get the best reach on Social Media.

Any of these strategies on their own will be beneficial. Combine them all for maximum impact!

How to turn your Fathers Day Backdrop into an advertising tool:

orange-vintage-hip-dad1: Include your logo somewhere on the backdrop.

Depending on your church’s logo, include it in your backdrop graphic in a subtle way or as a key element to the design.

Our designers will help you make the choice that’s best for your design, and you can see what the banner will look like before we send it to print.

When someone views that picture on Social Media, they will be starting to make a visual connection to your church through the inclusion of your logo.

2. Put up a request to mention your church in the photo.

Vintage-Wood-Fathers-Day-D2Post a sign asking people to use a hashtag that reflects your church (like #ExampleChurch) or tag your church as the location of their Fathers Day photo.

When their friends see their photo, they’ll know that it was taken at your church.

Have a draw for dads by picking someone who has used your hashtag that service to encourage people to use that hashtag, post the hashtag on your screen before service, and cycle the pictures that are tagged with that hashtag on your screen before service.

3. Have a photographer taking pictures

Instead of just asking people to take selfies at your photo booth, have a someone from your church taking the photos. On Sunday afternoon, upload all of the photos to your facebook page, and using your personal account, start tagging the people in the photos.

The people in the photos will get notified that they have been tagged in a photo, and when they share they photo or make it their profile picture, then it will say that they’ve shared your church’s photo, giving your church much more exposure than if someone simply tags your church as a location.


4. Do Multiple Photo Booth Locations

hh2__36970-1.1527734798Better than a single photo booth is multiple Photo Booth locations – consider both inside and outside.

You’ll have people who will want a photo at every booth, so that increases the number of posts they’re making at your church.

You’ll also decrease the lines for people who don’t want to wait around by having multiple Photo Booth locations, and you’ll give people a wider selection of colors and styles – maybe they like Photo Booth B’s style more than Photo Booth A.

If you have a small space, setup a few flag banners with a park bench or casual lawn chairs outside or in your parking lot, or have some handheld signs that people can hold outside and take selfies.

Check out our Father’s Day designs with free customization, and create exposure in your community!


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