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by | May 9, 2018

Well, it’s been fun launching out on the new site. We hope you’ve found it easy to check out many of our new banners with our search function and the new sort features. Yes, we’re a little behind on the times and just got that added!

Today I wanted to talk for a moment about our custom banner process. It hasn’t changed, but since we keep getting to talk with so many new churches around the world I wanted to explain a little bit about our process and why we do it for FREE. We love to work with churches and this is an area of our hearts where we feel we can give back and serve your ministries that God has entrusted to you. We are a “for profit” company, but our heart is to give back to the mission field. We would love to be called to the mission field in India, or Botswana, or Malawi, but at the moment we’re here to serve other believers the best way we know how. (check out our friends in Malawi who we love dearly at I’d love to be serving along side of them but I know God has called us to stay at the moment. So, while we’re here we’re going to serve with the gifts He has given us.

So, how does it work. The banners we have online are templates for you to tell us what you’d like to do. We can customize any of our online banners for free. If you’re wanting something brand new designed there may be a small fee, but in most cases we probably have several of the design elements in our library and can put something together for you for free. All of our online banner designs are ready to be printed as is, or we can customize them up how ever you wish to see them. Its’s easy and the process doesn’t take very long. Each design can have text replaced with all sorts of texts, vision statements, call to missions, sermon series titles, or whatever you wish to display to your audience. There is no limit and again, it’s still free to add as much or as little text to the design. Our designers will add the text to the banners, and send off proofs with in 24 to 48 hours. If you’ve got a logo, send it to us and we’ll add it as well. It’s that easy. When you place your order, and you choose the “custom design” option, we can’t print a thing until you’ve emailed us back to say “Approved” and we also love to get the email that says “WE LOVE IT, PLEASE PRINT NOW!!!”

So take your time, go through the site, find various designs you like, and then feel fee to call and speak with one of our designers about personalizing it to make the banner hang on the walls of your church the best way possible. We’ll even change up the background color of the designs so that there will be enough contrast to see the custom banners hanging on your walls. Again, it’s really easy for us to manipulate and customize the banner designs, so please do not hesitate to ask. We’re here to serve you. We know not every church has a graphic artist on staff and that’s where we come in for you. Let us be that banner designer you’ve always wished you had and let us serve you and your ministry.

Here is a sample we made to show you the process on ordering a custom banner works. Again, remember, we will not print until we’ve heard back from you on the design. We’ll send as many proofs necessary to make sure you LOVE it before we print it. The “custom text” box is where you tell us what you’d like. It has an unlimited amount of characters in it so please feel free to add as much as you need. There is also a “customer notes” section in the check out form if you’d like to write us a few more banner details.


We hope this helps explain a little better about our process. When ever you’re ready to get started we’re here and ready to serve. Have a great day!


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