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It really is the heartbeat of what you can expect from ChurchBanners. The signs, banners, feather flags, and invite cards are all just tools to help us help you. That’s also why you get free shipping and free design modifications from our team. Don’t pick between 2 designs that each mostly works. Get a custom designed banner from our team for free. Don’t wait for an extra weekend to have banners inviting people to your church. Someone needs your church this Sunday to get connected to Jesus.

In light of that, sometimes the options can seem overwhelming, so here’s a quick list of common terms to save you time in choosing the options that are right for you!


Screenshot-2018-06-27-15.17Grommets are the rings that we stamp into vinyl to allow you to use a rope or tie to suspend the vinyl banner between two poles, hang from your building or display across the back of a pop-up tent.


Pole Pockets

Usually, banners hung from a light pole won’t require grommets because the light pole has horizontal poles intended for banners built in. Instead of ordering grommets, order top and bottom pole pockets where the poles will slide into a fold at the hem, resewn like a pocket.


Fabric Vs Vinyl


Free Shipping

In the continental US and placing an order over $75? Free means free. In Canada, Hawaii or Alaska? Contact us for exact details and we’ll do our best: 888.453.0060.


Ship by this Weekend

On most indoor banners, order on a Monday morning and you most likely will have them by Friday afternoon on your doorstep! A lot of other products can be shipped in the same time frame, but it’s best whenever possible to give yourself 2-3 weeks from requesting a free custom design (including proofs and revisions) to expecting it at your church. Learn more about our shipping and handling.


Retractable Banners

D2_RetractableRetractable banners are made to be easily displayed in a flash and rolled away for compact storage. They are less likely to get creased or damaged than just hanging and re-rolling a vinyl banner, plus the stand is built into the banner, so you have the flexibility of displaying or moving it wherever you need – even in an open floor plan.

Because they are self-supporting and retractable, they are the perfect option for wayfinding signs for portable churches meeting in schools, libraries community centers or movie theatres and are easy to store or relocate during the week without concern for damage.


Custom Designs

What does custom design REALLY mean? It means you can pick from anything in our catalog as a starting point for modifications. You can add your logo, change a font, and adjust colors making your custom design look completely different from the starting point.

Can we start from scratch? Sure, but having a starting point picked out from our catalog of thousands of designs helps get your proofs and final product sooner!

If your style is more DIY, then check out our design templates here for all of our products: 


Single-Side vs Dual-Side Feather Flags


A single-side feather banner gets printed on one side of the material. Because the material is thin enough to blow in the wind and semi-transparent, the design and color is also viewable from the other side. Note that because it is printed on one side, it is backward on the other side.

Single-sided is more economical than double-sided and is a practical application if someone only needs to read one side (for instance, feather banners lining your driveway so someone driving up your driveway would see the proper side. Leaving your church, they would see the reverse lettering.) Single Sided is great if you’re simply going for attention and with the cost being less than double, you can add an extra few banners into your order to make the most impact.

(check our 5 ways to draw attention to your church)

Double-sided feather banners are printed twice – once on each side with a film between the 2 pieces to block light from passing through, meaning you see the proper print on each side of the feather without seeing the design from the other side. Your colors are brighter and more vivid on a double-sided print and your design is proper-facing from either direction. Becuase they are comprised of 3 layers of material, they are also more durable and less likely to fray in windy or sandy climates.

The best application for double-sided is on your road front where drivers will be driving past either side of the banner, or for shining lights on them at night to attract attention for an evening service or evening Christmas concert. Because they are double sided, they reflect light and appear brighter when lit.


Step and Repeat Backdrop

Step and Repeat BackdropTo the average person, this is known as “that backdrop with lots of little tiny logos over and over again like a grid for taking pictures”. The name “Step and Repeat” actually comes from Hollywood on the red carpet.

In order to give each photographer their space to take pictures of the stars, the actors pose for a picture, then step and repeat the pose for another photo.

This means wherever you are along the backdrop, you get the same background, hence the multiple logos over and over.

Photographers didn’t want to be known for being the “guy at the end of the line” so this style background makes it look like the last photographer got the same angle as the first.

At your church, step and repeat backdrops are perfect for pictures at a volunteer banquet, Mothers day photo booth or honoring your teens at a youth conference. Set them up with a photographer to post to your church’s Facebook page, or just leave the banner up and let people take selfies or photos with their phones.


A-Frame Signs (sandwich boards)

A frame signsShaped like an “A”, sandwich boards are a great way to inform, direct, and connect Sunday morning visitors. Use them outside for your parking lots to show guest which way to enter the building, where to doors to use to check in the children, and where first-time visitors can park.

Each sandwich board can be purchased with a single-sided print or a print for both sides. All prints come on coroplast and just slip right into the stand. The stand is a heavy duty plastic sand that can be filled with water or sand, but without anything in it, the stands weigh in at a hefty 18lbs.



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